School Leavers Company

  • Printed In-House

    All of the hoodies printing is done start to finish on our premises. Using our experience in both design and production, we can get your school set up quickly and efficiently, with no extra markups from outsourcing.

  • Order Single Hoodies

    We are the only school leavers company where you can order single hoodies online! Use our hoodie builder to choose your unique hoodie design and stand out from the crowd.

  • New Hoodie Creator

    With over 140 colour and styles to choose from, you can design your perfect 2022 leavers hoodie or primary leavers! Use the customiser to instantly visualise how our designs appear on your creation!

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Custom Hoodie Builder

  • Choose Hoodie Style

    Firstly, select one of our superb quality hoodies as a base for your new custom design. We only stock the best hoodies that we can source, with a choice of standard, deluxe, zip or contrast; all in a variety of colours!

  • Choose Hoodie Design

    You then have a choice of 12 ready-made designs, brand new for 2022 and unique to our school leavers company. Select the front and back print as well as any customisation you would like including initials, nicknames & embroidery.

  • Order and Delivery

    Once you’ve selected your personalised design and completed the order, the hoodie is then produced entirely in-house! We will print and personalise your design and ship as soon as we can!

Leavers Hoodies

Create Your Own School Shop

  • Speak To The Team

    Let us know the requirements for your school or university and we will set you up a unique shopping page. We will guide you through the process of creating your custom hoodie and then all you need to do is share the website link on your school page!

  • Start Selling

    Once the shop is live, we receive the orders direct and it removes all of the stress of taking orders manually! We handle everything from start to finish and will be on hand for any questions the parents/students may have during the process. Get in touch to find out more!

  • Printing & Delivery

    Once we’ve received all the orders, we will then close your shop and begin the printing process. We prepare everything in-house, including embroidery, printing and packaging! The hoodies will either be shipped in bulk to the school or to individuals, whichever you’d prefer.

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Customer Testimonials

School sports team hoodies

May 22, 2024

Great quality products, high standard of embroidery/ screen printing. Orders are handled directly to the company not to school saves loads of admin time. Brilliant

Phil Lynn

Ski trip hoodies

May 22, 2024

Great quality products, high standard of embroidery/ screen printing. Orders are handled directly to the company, not to school, saves loads of admin time. Brilliant

Phil Lynn

School Leavers Company

Our personalised school hoodies are perfect for school, college and university leavers.

As a school leavers company, we specialise in school/university leavers hoodies, primary school leavers hoodies and trip hoodies.

Our brand new, online hoodie builder begins with a plain leavers hoodie template and then lets you customise the design. We stock only the best quality range of hoodies in over 140 hoody colours and style variations! Choose your hoodie and design features, then customise the print with your school name and instantly visualise your new design!

We offer superb discount on bulk orders or anybody that is travelling with IBT travel, simply use the contact us page to speak to a member of the team.

Our quote forms allow you to select the style and design of hoodie you would like and completely build the exact hoodie that YOU require! Plus there’s no more waiting around for a quote, we’re the first school leavers company with an intuitive and adaptive instant price builder. We are also offering deals on school leavers hoodies 2022.

Our bulk order form allows you to get a quote for multiple school hoodies designs including colours and variations. Simply then select whether you’d like the hoodies delivered in bulk to a school address or to set up your own shop page to allow parents/students to purchase direct. We’re a school leavers company that offers it all. Get in touch today if you have any questions.

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